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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm Looking for a Knitting Pattern for a Poncho That Has Cuffs

"I am looking for a knitting pattern for a poncho that has cuffs. I saw one online, but now I can't find it again."  The Newton Falls Public Library staff had trouble imaging what the garment looked like, so we asked for clarification. "It is a poncho you pull over your head, but along the edge there are cuffs to put your hands through; not slits in the poncho, but actual cuffs. This keeps it close to your arms without actually having sleeves." 

Now that our staff had a better idea of what was required, we began our search.  We searched for this item in two ways: looking both at Google Images and  websites.  Searching by images permitted our patron to look at photographs of knitted ponchos with cuffs to see exactly what she wanted.  There were several that interested her, and by clicking on the photograph we were able to go to the originating website.  Each website then directed us to another website with the free knitting pattern.  A tunic length poncho was pictured at  The author of the online article, Daria McGuire referred to this type of poncho as a swoncho.  The link to the free pattern was  The poncho at Sew Knit Me was a little shorter.  The free pattern for it was located at

While each of these previous was attractive, neither was exactly what our patron wished to knit.  Searching for websites we finally located the desired pattern at Garnstudio DROPS Design.  It is a long knitted poncho with a folded turtleneck and cuffs.  DROPS 123-28 by DROPS Design, described on the website as "Perfect for all occasions!".  Our patron printed then instructions from their website. 

Besides the wide assortment of knitting and crocheting books available at the library, crafters can also borrow copies of the magazines Crochet Today and Knit Simple.

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