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Friday, March 15, 2013

I Need Instructions for a Sweet 16 Sugar Cube Hair Decoration

"We are having a Sweet 16 party, and I would like to make a 16 sugar cube hair decoration.  Can you help me find the instructions?"  Some of the staff of the Newton Falls Public Library remember receiving 16 sugar cube items for their 16th birthdays, but were not sure if they had ever seen one for hair.

Considering current television reality shows and the wealth of information online and the comments on several sites, that Sweet 16 parties are a lot like a wedding without a groom, makes this a interesting reference question. Blogger, Donna Pilato wrote about Sweet 16 Parties and Traditions, on the website Guide March 9, 2010.  She mentions her "nostalgia for the old-fashioned sugar cube corsages."

We were not able to locate instructions specifically for a hair decoration.  However, the blog, Alex Loves NY has very simple instructions for a sugar cube wrist corsage.  Her instructions on tying up the cubes with ribbon, combined with a picture of a Sweet 16 corsage at the website,, could inspire a crafter to modify the latter into a very unique hair decoration.

While searching for the information, we came across this interesting online posting of Candy Birthday Corsages - A Vintage Tradition Poised for a Comeback? Candy Corsages in the 1950s through the 1970s.  Besides instructions for a wrist corsage, there is a listing of various items for making unique corsages for the birthdays of young ladies, ages 10 - 18.  Sweet 16 sugar cubes are followed by Sour 17 lemon drops.

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