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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Can You Find a Vietnam War Veterans Newspaper?

"I saw a Vietnam War Veterans newspaper. Does the library receive anything like that?  I am also interested in possibly getting a subscription to it. Can you find me the contact information?"  The initial online search by the staff of the Newton Falls Public Library was not successful, so we spoke with our patron to see if we could learn more about the one he saw, and if it was a newspaper, newsletter, or magazine in format.

He said he remembered it as being fairly large and glossy, on better paper than newsprint. From this description it sounded as if the publication was actually a magazine. The staff was able to locate two possibilities for him.  The website This is VietNow states its primary focus is veterans and their families. A selection of their magazine's articles are available online.  If our patron decides that this is the publication he wants, he would need to join the organization in order to receive a print copy.  The second is put out by Vietnam Veterans of America.  Digital editions of the VVA Veteran, back to October/November 1999, can be read on their website. A print version of the magazine is sent to members, and can also be purchased by subscription.

While the library does not have a subscription to either of these magazines, we do have one to Military History.  The articles featured vary greatly, and the May 2013 issue includes topics from a timeline of the battles for Gaza from 1650BC-1967 to the history of camouflage.  Also included are examples of some of the ones featured on their website,  We were able to show this to our patron as something for him to enjoy while deciding which of the Vietnam War Veteran magazines he preferred.

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