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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What is the Phone Number for Small Claims Court?

“What is the phone number for Small Claims Court in Newton Falls?” the individual on the phone asked.  The Newton Falls Public Library staff found the number for Municipal Court in the phone book, but wasn’t sure if it would be the same for Small Claims.

Searching online for ‘”small claims court Newton Falls” took us to the Municipal Court’s website,  Here the patron may find Small Claims Information.  There is a wealth of useful information for those both filing the claim and having a claim filed against them.  Included are: General Rules, Introduction, How to Begin, Place of Hearings, Preparing Your Case, Going to Court, Present Your Best Case, Decisions, Satisfaction of Judgment, Collecting a Judgment, Default Judgments, Lists of Assets and Liabilities, Judgment Debtor, Exams / Personal Exam, Garnishments, Limits and Exceptions, Execution, Exemptions, and Liens.

If our caller had wished, a copy of Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court by Ralph E. Warner or How to Win Your Case in Small Claims Court without A Lawyer by Charlie Mann could have been borrowed through our shared Clevnet catalog.

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