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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Creature With The Atomic Brain?

“Many years ago, I saw a movie that I would like to watch again.  I think it was called The Creature With the Atomic Brain.  Can you find it for me?”  The Newton Falls Public Library staff was unable to locate that movie title in our online shared Clevnet catalog.  Clevnet gives us access to the catalogs of 38 library systems across 11 counties in Northeast Ohio.

To ensure that the title had been remembered correctly, the staff went online to Internet Movie Database.  There we found Creature With the Atom Brain and confirmed with the patron that this is the movie for which he was looking. Searching the Clevnet catalog we found it in two collections: Sam Katzman Icons of Horror Collection and Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack DVD Collection.  One of the items was placed on hold for the patron and when it comes to Newton Falls Public Library, he will be able to borrow it from here.

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