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Friday, April 20, 2012

Can You Help Me Find a Product I love?

“Can you help me find who sells “product name”? The Newton Falls Public Library staff frequently has patrons looking for products they love to use. They are no longer available at the store where they always purchased it or they have forgotten where they made the initial purchase.  Recent questions have included a favorite Clairol hair coloring, cocoa and crème Tums Smoothies, and Gonzo stain remover.

Each question was answered by going to the corporate websites. For the particular shade of hair coloring, we were able to give the patron a listing of local stores which still carried her product.  She returned several weeks later to tell us that she was able to purchase it at Kmart.

The search for a local outlet for cocoa Tums was not successful. Their website no longer lists this flavor as the product has been discontinued. Sixty count bottles can still be purchased online, with the prices ranging from $5 - $18.50 before shipping and handling is added. Our patron said the price was enough to give her more heartburn.

Like the previous products, the website for Gonzo stain remover has the option of making an online purchase. Some of the online stores which appeared to carry it were Ace Hardware, Kitchen Collection, and Sears. Our patron said she was going to try to see if one of the local chain stores carried the product.

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