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Thursday, April 5, 2012

At What Age May I Be Excused From Jury Duty?

“I was recently called for jury duty.  I have served numerous times in the past. At my age, I prefer not to serve any longer. I know after a certain age you may be excused. What age is that?” The Newton Falls Public Library staff was aware that there are multiple reasons for which you may be excused from serving.

The Ohio Bar Associations website has an interesting LawFacts Pamphlet containing a great deal of information about jury service.  It includes why it is important, how they are selected (“by random drawing from either a list of registered voters or a list of licensed drivers residing in the county or city that the court serves.”), the requirements, the types of juries, how long they have to serve, compensation, what happens when you appear, the rules, deciding on verdicts, the benefits of serving, and accommodations for disabilities. In the section on requirements we found the information our patron needed. The law provides for the following persons to be exempted from jury service on request: . . those who are 76 years of age or older . . . It is important to remember that, even if a potential juror falls within one of these categories, the exemption is not automatic. The juror must . . . inform the court clerk or jury commissioner.  A juror who has been exempted will become eligible for jury selection again after 24 months.”

Our patron was old enough to be excused, but she knew now that she needed to notify the court that she no longer wished to serve.

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