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Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Taking a Trip

“I’m taking a trip to Spain this summer, and I want to be able to say a few words and read easy signs.  Do you have anything here that can help me?”  The Newton Falls Public Library staff has heard other questions similar to this one which have included Korean, Chinese, Polish, French and Italian. There are some great resources available both in the library and online.

Some of the audiobooks available for borrowing from the library include Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and English for New Americans. There are also others which may be borrowed through our shared library catalog.

mángo languages is a wonderful online resource. By going to the library’s website,, and selecting Ohio Web Library, library users have the option to click on mángo languages. The user will create a profile, and then will be able to select from 38 foreign languages for English speakers. There are basic and complete 2.0 level courses. “Mango Basic teaches simple, practical skills for common, polite conversation situations in only a few short hours. Mango Complete 2.0 teaches in-depth and comprehensive language and grammar skills.” There are also 15 English courses for foreign language speakers. In both cases, real-life situations and actual conversations are used to teach the language. “By listening to and repeating after material designed from native conversations,” the user will learn the words and phrases and how they are used in practical situations and conversations. The learner can replay the courses as often as needed. The website also remembers where the learner stopped so they can begin again where left off.

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