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Friday, March 16, 2012

Are Cinder Blocks Made With Cinders?

“Are cinder blocks made with cinders?” The Newton Falls Public Library staff thought this was interesting; one of those “are things actually made of what their names include” questions. Since cinder blocks are also referred to as concrete blocks, we looked for both terms in our search.

The first book we examined was in Louis M. Dezettel’s Masons and Builders Library v.1. In chapter 11 Concrete Block, pp. 170-171, we found our answer.  “Some concrete blocks are poured concrete made of standard cement, sand and aggregate . . . Some use lighter natural aggregates, such as volcanic cinders or pumice and some are manufactured aggregates such as slag, clay, or shale.” We were able to inform our patron that yes, some blocks are made with cinders.

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