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Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Need Your Help Answering Our Question

Rather than “Ask the Librarian”, we would like your help in answering our question. A postcard was recently donated to the Local History Room of the Newton Falls Public Library. The photograph on the front is of a small building at the southeast corner of S. Canal and Broad Streets, with a large three story brick building behind it, which later became Kloss Hardware. The lettering on the windows reads CIGARS AND TOBACCO, RESTAURANT: LUNCH AND SOFT DRINKS. There is a man in a light shirt and suspenders standing in front of the building. In an enlarged version of the photo, a sign can be seen around the corner which reads GRAPH.

We first began our search in the History of Newton Falls compiled by Ella A. Woodward. In the section on Interesting Old Buildings [p.64], it states that William Herbert of Niles “erected a large brick residence and business place” at this location. There was also a small building that was moved to a location on Canal Street near Broad Street, where Mr. [Theron] Beard had a photograph gallery and later J.P. Jagielski, photographer was the last tenant. These facts seem to match what is in the locale of our smaller building, but gives no information about it.

We next searched online in the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps. This database found in the Ohio Web Library [] contains large scale street plans produced by the Sanborn Fire Insurance Company from 1867 to 1970. The maps sometimes include information about the types of businesses found in the buildings. On 1889 and 1893 maps there was a general merchandise store at the location. The 1902 map shows a restaurant, and the 1908 one has a dining room with a kitchen behind that appears to be connected to a hotel [in the large brick building?]. The next map is from 1915 and lists a hardware store in that area.

Again, we examined the History of Newton Falls compiled by Ella A. Woodward. At that corner, it lists the following businesses: “a saloon and restaurant, the Yeager Bros., the Johnson Bros., the Foulk and Johnson Hardwares and the Fink’s Department Store. Finally the Kloss Hardware maintained retail business there [History of Newton Falls, p. 191].” The library staff would appreciate your help in discovering the name of this restaurant and any other information you might have about the business or the owner. The restaurant would have definitely been at the location during 1902, and was in existence sometime between the years 1893 and 1908.

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ccbaker said...

The Newton Falls Cemetery Association’s “Scenes of Newton & The Falls 2007” calendar’s December photograph is of ‘Shopping in December, c. 1906 [courtesy of Mary Jane Nobel].’ On the right hand side of this picture is a brick building. The description states that it was owned by Henry Blanck and the sign in the window reads “Lunch & Soft Drinks.”