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Friday, November 6, 2009

Newspaper Recipes & Crossword Puzzles

Sometimes patrons contact the Newton Falls Public Library looking for articles in back issues of newspapers. “I’m looking for a recipe that was in the Tribune Chronicle a while back. It was a Rookie Cookies Pineapple Pudding Cake.” “I’m trying to make a photocopy of the crossword puzzle in Sunday’s Plain Dealer and it’s not coming out very well. Is it available online?”

Unsure of the date of the article in the Tribune, the library staff attempted to find it at but the recipe was not listed. We next did an online search. The San Diego Union-Tribune’s (Universal Press) Mini Page [], July 2, 2009 featured this Rookie Cookies recipe.

Newsprint often photocopies darkly causing little contrast for crossword puzzle squares; finding it online would allow our patron to have a sharper image from which to work. The Plain Dealer’s puzzle cannot be accessed online without a paid subscription. By searching online using the name of the puzzle and the author’s name, we found the desired puzzle on the website of the LA Times []. The paper has puzzles from the last 30 days which can be played either online or printed to be worked by hand. For those who enjoy doing puzzles, but find they need assistance, the library has The American Heritage Crossword Puzzle Dictionary and The New York Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary by Tom Pulliam and Clare Grundman. These books are available to help find the answers to difficult clues.

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