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Friday, January 15, 2016

How do I make a resume on the computer?

Applying for jobs almost always requires a resume, and there are tools on the computer to help make it easier to set one up.

Typing “resume,” “free resume,” or “make a resume” into an online search engine will often bring up sites that purport to allow users to create resumes using their templates. However, once a user creates their resume, the site will then prevent them from saving it or printing it out until they pay a fee. It’s best not to bother with these sites at all.

Microsoft Word (a word-processing program that’s available on all of our library computers) provides a series of templates that are free to use. They include pre-formatted headings like “Education,” “Experience,” and “Career Objective” (or “Career Summary”), with spaces for job-seekers to fill in their own information. It’s also possible to build a resume without using any special template. Amazing Resumes, by Jim Bright and Joanne Earl, includes examples that can be recreated using only simple formatting tools such as centering, bolding, and italicizing.

We have a variety of books on resume-writing, such as David F. Noble’s Gallery of Best Resumes, Regina Pontow’s Proven Resumes, and Ron Fry’s Your First Resume. They suggest that job-seekers stick to clear, simple formatting, be specific in listing their responsibilities and achievements, and make sure to proofread their finished resumes. While complete sentences aren’t necessary, spelling, spacing, capitalization, and punctuation all need to be correct.

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