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Friday, January 11, 2013

Questions Asked Are Interesting and Varied

The questions asked of the Newton Falls Public Library staff can vary according to difficulty and time needed to locate the needed answer.  We recently received two questions that were interesting, but not time consuming.  “Eldrich Woods is an alias for whom?” and “What is the shift pattern for a 1978 1500 Chevy truck?”

An online search for “eldrich woods alias” took our staff to This is a site for individuals completing crossword puzzles, which our patron admitted to be doing. The answer is: Tiger. Once the answer was found by the staff member, who does not pay much attention to golf, she realized that it was a clue people more interested in the sport probably would have found fairly obvious.

 The answer for the second question was a little more difficult to locate, but was found using the terms “1978 chevy truck shift pattern.” The online discussion forum, ChevyTruckWorld notes that there are several possibilities.  With the patron’s assistance we were able to locate the proper shift sequence for him.  The shift positions are, from all the way forward nearest the dashboard to the back, 4Lo-N-2Lo-4Hi.

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