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Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Do We Let Social Security Know That We've Moved

“We haven’t been receiving our Social Security statements since we moved several years ago. We haven’t retired yet, but we would like to get our statements. Social Security told us we needed go online and fill out a form. Can you help me?” The Newton Falls Public Library appreciates the desire for people to stay informed about their future retirements.

Social Security has an online page dedicated to changes of address. From there it is simply a matter of following the steps to fill out the information. After our patron completed her information, the site would not accept it. Phoning their 800 number, we learned that this is only for individuals already receiving Social Security benefits. They are informed of any address changes by the Internal Revenue Service from information given on tax returns, and IRS address change forms needed to be filled out by our patron and her husband.

Going to, and searching for “address change form” gave us the information that our patron needed form #8822. The library staff was able to print copies for our patron and her husband, and hopefully they will soon be receiving the information that they need.

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