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Friday, January 20, 2012

Where Can Families Without Health Insurance Get Eyeglasses?

“Do you know any group that assists families without health insurance in getting eyeglasses, especially for my daughter?” The Newton Falls Public Library staff is very aware of the importance of being able to see clearly in order to read.

The first step taken was to contact the county’s Job and Family Services [JFS]. They informed us that the individual should fill out a state of Ohio Request for Cash, Food, and Medical Assistance application. The application may be accessed online at or by visiting their county’s JFS office.  Even if the parents do not meet the income requirements, the child may be eligible to receive the aid needed.

JFS also recommended that our patron phone 211. 211 Ohio can be reached by simply dialing 211. In Trumbull County the caller will reach Trumbull 211, Community Solutions; in Mahoning County, Help Hotline Crisis Center; and in Portage County, United Way 211Portage. The appropriate local information and referral agency will give the caller contact information as to groups and government agencies which may be able to assist her in getting the necessary eye exam and glasses for her daughter.

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