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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My XM Radio Isn't Working

“My XM radio isn’t working; it seems to turn on and then the screen goes black. I don’t have a manual. Can you help me?” While the Newton Falls Public Library staff cannot actually repair out patron’s car satellite radio, we can assist in looking for some sort of troubleshooting guide or manual.

The patron’s radio was a Delphi model SA10316. We began the online search using the make, model, and “troubleshooting.” A two page quick start guide was found at, but it lacked any information needed to solve the problems.

The next link we examined was the Express RC User Guide, a seventy-six page booklet for our patron’s radio. The table of contents included troubleshooting information which our patron examined. He wasn’t sure it would solve his problem, but he wanted to have a copy of the manual to keep. Rather than print all the pages, he chose to download them to a flash drive which permitted him to see the complete manual on his computer.

There are online discussion groups dealing with repair issues. The website dealt with the question “How do I reset a Delphi XM radio with a model #SA10316?” It was answered by Jon L. in this manner, “On the back of the Delphi XM radio unit there is a small button that can be pressed using a straightened paper clip. ChaCha! “

Our patron now had some options to try before he sought professional technical assistance.

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