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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is There a Limit To or a Cost Per Question?

“I see that your sign says ‘Question? Ask me!’ Is there a limit? How much does it cost for each question?” To our patron’s request, the Newton Falls Public Library staff member said, “There is no limit and there is no charge. In fact, when we are closed, if you have a question and Internet service, there are librarians available to assist you 24/7.”

Visit Ohio’s online reference service, the Ohio Web Library at Click on Librarians 24/7; it will take you to KnowItNow24/7. Librarians from public libraries, colleges and universities are available around the clock to assist you using online chat.

Also at Ohio Web Library are statewide databases on the following subject areas: Genealogy, Magazines and Newspapers, Reference and Research, Students and Homework, Books, Arts and Literature, Business and Government, History and Biography, Science, and Employment Resources and Practice Exams. Newton Falls Public Library has purchased these additional databases to assist their patrons: ALLDATA automotive diagnostic and repair information, Literary Reference Center Plus, Ohio Capitol Connection, and Small Engine Repair Reference Center.

To make searching easier for Ohioans, there is a link from the Ohio Web Library to the state’s Ohio Here to Help website. From this site there are links to assist individuals in finding information about Money, Food, Housing, Healthcare, Education and Training, and More including applications for benefits and services. Ohio Here to Help has the option for users to receive notifications about job openings, news, helpful links, reminders, and follow-up materials.

The staff understands that not everyone owns or feels comfortable with computers. For those not having a computer at home, the library has them available for patrons to use. For those who prefer a little less technology, we have staff willing to assist them in finding needed information.

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