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Friday, January 14, 2011

I Need Assistance Finding Information About a Piece of Property

“Can you help me to find information about a piece of property?” Over the years, this question has been asked of Newton Falls Public Library staff members for a variety of reasons. Some individuals want to find information about their own property; others are looking to purchase a parcel or home.

If the patron has the name of the owner or the address, the auditor of the county in which it is located often has information online. In Trumbull County that would be, there it can be searched by parcel owner, commercial address, dist/map/route, intersection, as well as advanced search. Trumbull County also offers reports on weekly sales, neighborhoods, and comparable sales. Parcel information includes the base, land, valuation, sales, sketch, tax, and improvements. The property base also includes a photo of the building. From what our staff can tell by looking at this site, the sales section will list the amount the property has sold for since the mid 1980s.

Besides offering maps and satellite views of the neighborhood where a parcel is located, Google maps [] sometimes has street views. The photographs can be rotated 360⁰ to see the areas surrounding the properties. There is also a zoom feature permitting a closer view.

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