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Friday, October 15, 2010

What Was the Website Mentioned on Dr. Oz?

“I was watching Dr. Oz the other day, and he was talking about saving money at the grocery store with a website named Shop Smart. I can’t seem to locate it online; can you help me?” This was a question we enjoyed researching as the Newton Falls Public Library staff members also look for ways to save money.

We began with an online search for the words “Dr. Oz smart shop.” The first item listed was “Dr Oz was joined by Lisa Lee, editor in chief of ShopSmart magazine.” We then looked for their website and found ShopSmart;) is a new Consumer Reports magazine to which a subscription may be purchased. The website does have interesting articles which may be viewed online such as Hidden Discounts, Save on Groceries, How to Buy Clothes That Fit and Flatter and Get More for Less. There is also news, advice, smart ideas and a newsletter. This was the information our patron needed.

Searching websites with the words “shop smart” also brought up an interesting list of other sites for our patron to consider. One that intrigued us the most was which will deliver healthy recipes and coupons directly to your email address.

The library also has numerous resources to assist those trying to watch their spending. On Saturday, October 16 from 11 noon attend the Coupon Clipper – How to Save $ presented by Michelle McMahon. Michelle was recently featured in the article Clipping Costs: Residents share coupon secrets by Larry Ringler (Tribune Chronicle, September 12, 2010). Discover ways to save money and to have more in your pockets for the holidays. Register today and bring your extra coupons to the event.

Unable to attend our program? The library has a multitude of materials which can help you save. The Frugal Shopper Checklist Book: what you need to know to win in the marketplace, The Frugal Senior: hundreds of creative ways to stretch a dollar! by Rich Gray and Master Your Debt: slash your monthly payments and become debt free by Jordan E. Goodman with Bill Westrom are a small selection of what can be borrowed to help save.

Careful planning for meals at home can be a great money saver. The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook: 200 recipes for quick, delicious, and nourishing meals that are easy on the budget and a snap to prepare by Erin Chase, Good Housekeeping Dinner for a Dollar: 50 family friendly recipes under $, and Chef on a Shoestring: more than 120 delicious, easy-on-the-budget recipes from America's best chefs have recipes sure to tempt.

Besides finance information, cookbooks, repair manuals, “do-it-yourself” and “make your own” books, the library has purchased two databases to help make engine repairs less expensive. The Small Engine Repair Reference Center can be accessed from any Internet computer and has manuals for all terrain vehicles, generators and other small engines, marine/boat motors, motorcycles, outdoor power equipment, personal water craft, snow machines/snow mobiles, and tractors. For those individuals working on their cars, the library has AllData, the world's most comprehensive resource for automotive diagnostic and repair information, including Technical Service Bulletins, items of Customer Interest, and wiring diagrams. Vehicles from 1982 to present may be searched, and the information is specific down to engine size. This database can be accessed only at the library.

Remember that the library is filled with great resources for those who are frugal.

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