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Friday, April 30, 2010

I Need to Repair My . . .

“A friend of mine said you had a manual for working on my Honda ATV.” “Do you have a manual for repairing weed wackers?” “A belt broke on my mower and I need to know how to replace it. Do you have anything that can help me?” Spring weather brings many people to the Newton Falls Public Library looking for information about working on vehicles and outdoor equipment.

The library staff was able to direct these patrons to our extensive collection of print materials ranging from the Air Conditioning Service Manual to Yard and Garden Tractor Service Manual: [single-cylinder models]. We also have a wonderful online resource available to those seeking to work on their All Terrain Vehicles, Generators & Other Small Engines, Marine/Boat Motors, Motorcycles, Outdoor Power Equipment, Personal Water Craft, Snow Machines/Snow Mobiles, and Tractors. The Small Engine Repair Reference Center can be accessed from any Internet computer. Go to and have your Newton Falls Public Library card number available when it is requested. Select: Resources, Locally Purchased Databases and then Small Engine Repair Reference Center EBSCO. Choose the category of equipment needing repair until you reach the manual for the piece of equipment on which you are working. For those who don’t have computer access at home, this information can be retrieved using the library’s public access computers, and the staff is always willing to assist patrons in finding what is needed.

For those individuals working on their cars, the library has a database which can be accessed only at the library. AllData is the world's most comprehensive resource for automotive diagnostic and repair information, including Technical Service Bulletins, items of Customer Interest, and wiring diagrams. Vehicles from 1982 to 2010 may be searched, and the information is specific down to engine size. There are also numerous Chilton and Motor repair guides as well as books of wiring diagrams and auto body repair.

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