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Friday, March 19, 2010

What is a Playaway?

“I saw something called a Playaway on your New Books’ shelf. What is it?” The Newton Falls Public Library enjoys introducing patrons to new ways to enjoy books.

The Playaway is a type of audio book; perfect for people who enjoy listening to books. This simple-to-use player is smaller than a deck of cards and contains an entire book. It is not necessary to change cassette tapes or disks while listening. Besides the player, all one needs for listening is an AAA battery, and a set of ear buds or headphones. It will also work through the speakers of your car if the vehicle has a place to plug in an MP3 player. Many of our patrons enjoy listening to Playaways while exercising or walking as the players come with lanyards and can be worn around the neck.

The Newton Falls Public Library owns over 130 Playaways. Our shared TiPL [Trumbull Independent Public Libraries] catalog permits patrons to select from over 380 players. The titles can be found by going online to Click on Search the Catalog. At the Keyword Search, select Keywords, then contain, and finally type in the word playaway. Selecting Newton Falls shows what is owned here; selecting All Branches will show what is owned by all the libraries in our shared catalog.

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