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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Very Special Library Lover

The Newton Falls Public Library received a special donation during Library Lovers’ Month from a very small library lover. Six year old Melody Jacques visited the library to select books and to make a gift to the library. In July of 2009, after a discussion with her parents, Heidi and Les Jacques, about how the library depends upon donations to have books and stay open, Melody informed them she wanted to give money to the library and have her name put into the big book in the foyer. Her mother helped to make a box, covered with stickers and surrounded by books, to hold her fund. Good deeds and hard work were rewarded with green stones in a jar, which earned her money each week. When Melody received money as gifts from family members, the money went into her fund. Upon reaching $50, her pediatrician Dr. Giorgio Vescera matched her fund. On February 13 Melody presented her gift to the library staff for the purchase of more of her favorite books.

Melody and her favorite books with Youth Services Librarian, Chrissy Braun.

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