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Friday, October 9, 2009

Steam Furnace H20 Low Fill

“I have a steam furnace to which I have to add water almost daily. Someone told me about something I can put on it that will automatically keep the boiler supplied with water. I think it was called a Watts and he also mentioned “H20 low fills”. Can you help me find more information about it?” The Newton Falls Public Library staff confesses to not knowing much about furnaces, but we often search for information on subjects about which we know nothing.

Our initial online search for “Watts steam furnace H20 low fills” wasn’t very informative, so some general information about furnaces was needed. Looking through our books, we could see that steam heating systems do not seem as popular as others, such as forced air. Heating and cooling by the editors of Time-Life Books and This Cold House: the simple science of energy efficiency by Colin Smith had information about steam heating systems. While both helped us understand this type of furnace a little more, neither gave the information about water low fills.

Now that we had a better idea how the system worked, we again looked online. The site has a variety of forums. Our patron examined the one dealing with Boilers - Steam and Hot Water System. She did not see anything in the discussion pertaining to her situation, but would consider asking a question of the group to see if anyone there had an idea. Continuing the search, we discovered a company named Watts[] with products for plumbing and heating. They have a division for water safety and control for hydronic and steam heating systems. This appears to be the company with the product she needs. At this point, we recommended she contacts a professional to learn more about what she needs to keep the furnace boiler automatically filled.

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