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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can You Help Me Find a Recipe?

“While at the doctor’s office we saw a recipe in Woman’s Day magazine that had rice, wax beans, kidney beans, pimento, and spaghetti sauce in it. I wrote down those ingredients as it sounded good, but I don’t remember the rest of the instructions. Can you get me a copy of the June 17, 2008 issue?” The Newton Falls Public Library does not carry Woman’s Day, but the magazine does have a website, Using their recipe search and listing the ingredients did not find the needed recipe. Next we tried searching by the issue date, and that was not successful.

Looking through the catalog which Newton Falls shares with five of the other libraries in Trumbull County (Bristol Public Library, Girard Free Library, Hubbard Public Library, Kinsman Free Library, and McKinley Memorial Library) that have joined together as the Trumbull Independent Public Libraries [TiPL] Consortium, we discovered that four of the six libraries subscribe. We were able to request a copy of that specific magazine for our patron. Unfortunately, when the magazine arrived it did not have the recipe for which our patron was looking. The staff unsuccessfully attempted to check some of the other magazines commonly found in doctors’ offices to see if a recipe with those ingredients was in one of their issues. The information was also plugged into some of the online recipe searches to no avail. If anyone should recognize a recipe using these ingredients, please contact Carol Baker at

If you are looking for recipe ideas, the Newton Falls Public Library has a large cookbook collection; the magazines, Taste of Home, Everyday Food, and Bon Appetit which deal specifically with food; magazines for healthy living such as Weight Watchers, Mother Earth News, and Prevention; and CD-Roms, Vegetarian Delights and Art of Making Great Pastries. These may all be borrowed from the library.

For those who already have the perfect recipes, consider sharing them with others. The Friends of the Library are gathering them to create a cookbook. The Recipe Collection Sheets are at the circulation desk along with the box in which to submit them.

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